Bowls is an excellent social game for all ages and abilities

We are a long established club and we offer the chance for you to take part in a friendly and welcoming environment in which to participate in an extremely addictive sport. Whether you are new to bowls or are an experienced player, young or old, there is sure to be something here for you.

We know the game has a stigma of being a game for the older generation, but younger players are coming into the sport, but we do need more to keep the sport alive. It’s an excellent social game and an ideal game for the younger element who do not like contact sports i.e. football, cricket, rugby and such, but wish to be involved in a team sport.

People with disabilities may also be able to join in the game, and in some cases be able to play and compete with the able bodied players on level terms. We have a club coach who would be on hand to teach the rudimentary rules of the game.

Our 6 rink indoor bowls hall was opened in November 1986 and the carpet is very accurate and no known runs. It is the only bowls hall in the country with TV screens and Cameras on each rink. We are one on the most successful bowling clubs in the country boasting several National titles.

We have a Club Shop that can supply your needs at very reasonable prices. Please try out the Bowls before you consider to buy.

The main winter season runs from September through to April. Many bowlers move to their outdoor clubs in the Summer, but we have an enthusiastic core who continue to enjoy their game indoors.

We host National/County Games, play internal Competitions, Roll-Ups and Friendly matches against other Indoor Bowling Clubs. Also we run regular Winter and Summer Leagues. All standards of players are very welcome.

Below are the Winter Leagues, next year we hope to reinstate the Friday Night Aussie Pairs League and also offer a Monday afternoon Triples league. There are also Summer Leagues on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

Monday 6:45 pm draw for 7 pm start Open Drawn Aggregate League (guaranteed game either Aussie Pairs/Triples depending on attendance)

Tuesday 10:00 am Open Triples 18 ends/  1:30 pm Ladies Triples 14 ends/ 6:30 pm Open Pairs 16 ends.

Wednesday 10:00 am. Open rinks 14 ends/ 2:30 pm Open rinks 14 ends.

Thursday 10:00 am Open rinks 14 ends/ 7:00 pm Open Triples 16 ends.

Friday 10:00 am Mens Triples 16 ends/ 2:00 pm Open Rinks 14 ends/ 6:30 pm Open Pairs 16 ends.

Weekend Inter Club League and Friendlies Matches are available. Please see Bob Hanks Ladies Friendly Matches are also available. Please see Carole Goodyear.


Morning – Aggregate be there by 9:30 am. Anyone can play and the scores for each week is added to their aggregate.

Afternoon – 12:00 pm Doug Lucas Roll-Up. Fun event, anyone can play, draw is made for rink and place to play within the Team.

Evening – 6:45 pm draw for 7 pm start Open Drawn Aggregate League (guaranteed game either Aussie Pairs/Triples depending on attendance)


Afternoon– 12:00 pm Doug Lucas Roll-Up. Fun event, anyone can play, draw is made for rink and place to play within the Team.

Evening – 7:00 pm Yardstick 2 hours. Fun evening anyone can play drawn for rink and place within the Team to play.

If you are new to game we have a club coach who would be on hand to teach the rudimentary rules of the game. Or if you are searching for some additional tuition please enjoy the advanced coaching from our very knowledgeable friendly coaching team.

The Malvern Hills IBC has a thriving Bowls Shop. Selling the following:

  • Bowls Bags
  • Trolley Bags
  • Stock of Men’s and Ladies Club Shirts
  • Bowls Shirts (limited stock and sizes)
  • Secondhand Bowls
  • 10g Spray chalk at £2.50
  • Secondhand Bowls measures at £5.00
  • Bowls Shoes to order
  • Water Sports Bottles at £1.00
  • Bowls carriers

The aim of the Shop is to provide bowls equipment at very reasonable prices. We will take your old bowls and sell them on your behalf and only retain £5 commission of the price obtained.

Bowls News Update

Where possible, some outstanding club competitions and the remaining interclub games will be played at the beginning of October 2020.

Remaining Inter club matches:

The remaining inter club games will hopefully take place as follows:

Sunday Oct 4th       Ross v Barbourne  10.00   rinks 1, 2, 3

Sat. Oct 10th   Ross v St Martins  10.00  rinks 4, 5, 6

Sat. Oct 10th  Barbourne v M. Hills 14.00 rinks 1, 2, 3

Sat. Oct 10th  Victoria v St. Dunstans  14.00 rinks 4, 5, 6

Sat. Oct 17th Barbourne v  St. Dunstans 10.00 rinks 1, 2, 3

Sat. Oct 17th Tewksbury v  St. Martins  14.00  rinks 1, 2, 3

Sat. Oct 17th Victoria v  M. Hills   14.00 rinks 4, 5, 6

Club Finals Weekend 2020:

Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November:- this should give enough time to play outstanding club semi-final matches before this date.

Presentation Evening 2020:

This will take place on a Friday evening later in November.

National Competitions:

The Denny competition is on 31st October 2020

The Under 25 yrs Double Rink  on 1st November 2020

The club is hoping to enter the following team competitions next winter season:

Denny Cup / Mason’s Trophy / Egham Trophy / The Wessex League

If any bowlers wish to enter the EIBA National competitions 2020/2021 – 

please contact Mark Atkins:   07848 037041   or at

By the beginning of April please



British Isles Indoor Championships

Result of the Senior Men’s Fours Competition

Brian Macnamara, Marcus Smith, Martin Smith and Edric Vorsterman recently represented England at the British Isles Indoor Bowls Championships at Llanelli IBC.

They played in the Senior Men’s Fours Competition and did  extremely well to reach the competition final where they just lost out to Ireland – 15 – 22.

Congratulations to all players involved

Joe Peplow retains his DBE B6 Title

Congratulations to Joe Peplow, the current Disability Bowls England (DBE) B6 Singles title holder, on the news that he has retained his title after competing in the DBE Championships at Nottingham over the weekend of 29th February 2020. Joe played in a series of round robin matches and finished the competition on equal points with Mark Cooper. However, on the count back of shots, Joe had the superior score of 48 shots.

Local Sponsorship for Joe:

Joe continues to train with the England elite squad  and has also now gained sponsorship from local companies Troman’s Opticians in Malvern Link and Freedom Leisure Splash in Malvern. This is a massive help for Joe and his family and the club wishes to thank both companies for their support

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