New Monday Morning Social Bowls Group


Monday Morning Social Bowling Group

This is a special message to all those members who have played bowls on a Monday morning and to any other member who would like to join a competitive but very friendly group.

Like us, you were probably in some doubt about committing to membership this October. However, as you have seen from the Chairman’s recent email the Club is doing all it can to provide a safe indoor environment and it is up to us as members to follow the recommended protocols. We were not enthusiastic about using the standard face covering during a game but using visors will be much more comfortable for those of us who want some added protection.

We have therefore decided to renew our membership and have agreed to organize a group that will be called the Monday Social Group as, for the time being, the roll up format will no longer apply.

  • We will play for 2 hours from 9.30am.
  • Our first get together will be on 5th October
  • We are now asking members to register their interest in joining the group by e-mailing us before 30th September to A few members have already done so and we would hope to hear from many more of you even if you are not available for all the Monday games.
  • We must stress that only those who have pre-registered with the Group will be permitted to play on a Monday morning.

The procedure we will follow will start with an e-mail from us inviting you to play on a specific date and asking you to confirm your availability. It will not be possible to play without this invitation. You will have until the Sunday evening to let us know of any change. We will then allocate teams and specific rinks and notify you of these when you arrive on the Monday morning. The scoreboard will be in operation but there will be no scorecards used in the Group. We will also keep a record of the teams so that we can ensure that you play with different people in subsequent weeks. You will be aware that at the moment the Club can only accommodate a maximum of 18 players at any one time. If our group membership exceeds this limit we will try to ensure that everybody gets a similar number of games.

At the beginning of October we will produce a guide for our Group members confirming the procedure for playing and a summary of the Club’s protocols. We look forward to meeting you again for some enjoyable social bowls.

Stay safe and well

Mike & Yvonne Cawley

Manor Park

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