Indoor Bowls Club Final mid-week league positions 2019/20

As it is impossible to finish any of the club leagues for the 2019/2020 season, it has been decided that the league standings at the time of closure of the club due to Covid-19 will be the final placings for each of those leagues. Therefore the results are as follows:

Indoor bowls final league winners 2019 /20

Session                                               Winners                Runners up

Monday pm Open triples :               J Cambridge           J Morgan

Tuesday am Open Triples               F Orme                     J Cambridge

Tuesday pm Ladies Triples            J Morgan                 H Walker

Tuesday pm Open Pairs                 M Holmes                A Griffiths

Wednesday am Open Fours          B Macnamara          P Buxton

Wednesday pm Open Fours          D Chewter               J Cambridge

Thursday am Open Fours              K Spencer                 B Ware

Thursday pm Open Triples           A Griffiths                 T Hunaban

Friday am Mens Triples                F Orme                     H Potter

Friday pm Open Fours                   T Hunaban              A Bird

Friday pm Open Pairs                    N Smith                   J Morgan

Monday Evening aggregate      Winner:        Joe Peplow


Congratulations to all winners and runners up and commiserations to all the other teams – better luck next year

Martin Smith

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