The New Manor Park Website

Our new website has been created by Artwork Creative of Colwall. We hope to find it easy to change with each section having an authorised editor who will keep it vibrant and topical. It should be a go-to place for members, with a fresh article in the News Area at least monthly from each section. Our aim is to capture the imagination of potential members, providing an easy way for them to make contact, join the Club and find a welcome.

Members may ask why go to the expense of a commercially created website. The old website had its virtues but after an attempted hack-in it was patched to be less vulnerable but effectively frozen. The consensus was that it was impractical to re-engineer it and a fresh start was essential.

A special feature of the new website is a members area. This is for information specifically relevant to members but not to the general public. Members will be supplied with their personal username and password. Members are encouraged to email their comments on the new website and recommend any enhancements. The easy way to do this is to use the contact us link at the top of the home page and choose the option ‘website’.

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