Tennis Section AGM 2018

Meeting held on Wednesday 21st November

A link to the minutes of the Tennis Section 2018 AGM can be found on the website in the members area. The subject dominating the discussion was the plan for future improvements. Tennis subscriptions pay for tennis costs including an appropriate share of overheads. Part of the subscription is used for loan repayments referring to earlier improvements such as floodlights on courts 3 & 4. A further contribution is to the sinking fund to pay for the replacement of carpets on the synthetic grass and clay courts and refurbishment of the acrylic courts.

This fund is also available for tennis court improvements. Top priority is being given to floodlights on the synthetic clay courts, ahead of refurbishing the acrylic courts and changing two grass courts to synthetic grass. Members are welcome to contact the tennis section committee using the contact us link at the top of the home page and choosing the option ‘tennis’.

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