Opt-In Now Open

Now is the time to opt in for Wimbledon tickets. The Tennis Section urges you to do so even if you are not planning to apply for tickets yourself because by opting in you can generate more tickets for other tennis members. J13 and J18 junior members are eligible but not mini juniors.

If you are already a BritishTennis member, please go to the LTA website at www.lta.org.uk and log in. Click on the ‘Opt In‘ button and the job is done. If you are not a British Tennis member, please join – it’s free and there are specific benefits. The way to Opt In is the same – go to the LTA website at www.lta.org.uk and fill in the form and click on the Opt In button. If you have a problem with logging into the LTA website please send a text message to 07800 892796.

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